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3 types of lighting

There are different types of lighting. We present three of them in our current blog post. 

You want a brighter room, want to work in a concentrated manner or just enjoy a romantic evening. There is a different type of lighting for every project.

Which one is interesting for you? 

types of lighting

1. The basic lighting

The basic lighting is the uniform and uniform lighting. It serves to make furniture and people in the room more visible. It also makes orientation easier. The lamp is usually in the middle of the room, you can place it discreetly, but also as an eye-catcher. Such a lamp would be, for example Pendant lamp by Bouffee Cloud. This lamp is dust resistant and easy to clean. The cloud's poly fiber material is safety tested and health certified.

2. The zone light 

If you need light to work, a zone light could be of interest to you. This type of lighting gives you enough light to carry out your activities. 

3. The accent lighting

It should be a little more comfortable, e.g. B. for a reading evening or simply for a romantic dinner? Then you need one accent lighting. This light is more for coziness. Next to the Bouffee Cloud floor lamp could also be one Table lamp get interesting. 

Lighting in the online shop 

Of course, there are other types of lighting that will be the subject of another blog post. In the Bouffee Cloud online shop there is plenty of choice, even for the car. Just browse through the shop and find your new lighting!