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The real eye-catcher in your home!

You want something special in your home? Then you should definitely take a closer look at the “Animals Collection”. It is a real eye-catcher in your home! Here we have several reasons why you should have such a designer lamp and where you can get them. 

Our "Animals" Collection is a real eye-catcher, because who has a 2m tall gorilla with different colored lights in their home? The unique design of our "Animal Collection"immediately catches the eye and everyone who enters your house will be amazed by your designer lamp. What makes our animals even more special is that we make them all individually and according to your wishes. Of course, we only use the best quality materials and LEDs for this. We workwith HILED LED and the light comes with remote control for color adjustment.

Reasons why you should have a designer lamp:

  • They are an eye-catcher, no matter where they are

Add the perfect piece of furniture to your home. It is better to have a striking, large and unique designer lamp than many small decorative items that do not fit into the home.

  • Light up your home the color you want

Easily change the color according to your mood. Even without turning on the lamp, it looks beautiful.

  • Give your home a piece of nature

The lamps really do look like animals! So they fit perfectly into a home that has been kept simple.

  • Because of their size, they are a real piece of furniture

This designer light should not only be seen as a lamp, but as a real piece of furniture or decoration.

  • Unique design

Because of the unique design, you will never get bored looking at the lamp.

Order designer lights online

Let our designer lights convince you! On our Website you can choose between many exotic animals. Of course you agree with the color and the design.