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Bring the clouds indoors

You love nature and especially the sky? Then we give you the ultimate tip on how to bring the sky and the clouds into the house. 

Clouds - sie sind Wonder of nature. But what are clouds actually made of? Why are they so important? We all know it: it's 30 degrees, you're sweating and out of nowhere the first big gray clouds appear in the sky. They bring us either shade or refreshing rain. Without clouds it couldn't rain. This means that not only we humans need them, but also flowers, trees and other living beings. So why not have your own cloud at home?

What do clouds actually symbolize?

Clouds symbolize good for one because they cover the sky and give the earth its water. On the other hand, they influence the radiation balance of the atmosphere by reflecting short-wave solar radiation and absorbing thermal radiation. Clouds are also an important factor in the water cycle of the atmosphere. A cloud consists of air and fine dirt particles. There is water, which turns into water vapor or ice. Depending on the situation, rain, snow or even hail can rain down on the earth from a cloud.

clouds for inspiration

That means we would be lost without the clouds! This has been the inspiration for our unique designer lights and we are excited to bring a piece of nature into your home. So bring our lights harmony in your home.

Cloud lights as an eye-catcher

They relax you on stressful days and are an eye-catcher for every visit. Of course we have a huge selection of the cloud collection, whether on the ceiling, on the table or in the living room.

Fragrance and decoration for the car

We even have the perfect one for your car fragrance cloud, which accompanies you in the dark with light. Browse our now Online-Shop and find the most suitable cloud for you. 

Cloud deco car fragrance car. car scent.